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October, 2012

VMworld 2012 Slide Deck for NET-2207

After my session at VMworld 2012 several people requested my slide deck.  That is attached here:


If you’d like to watch that session you can view the Top 10 sessions at VMworld here for free.  All other sessions require a VMworld pass or a subscription to VMUG Advantage.

A large part of my presentation was lab based, which isn’t in the slide deck (obviously).  If you’d like to build a lab similar to what I used you can easily do that with AutoLab.  All of the lab demo that I did in my sessions at VMworld were done off of my Retina MacBook Pro using AutoLab.  As of this post AutoLab doesn’t officially support vSphere 5.1 so you can’t do an automated installation with it.  What I did was do an automated vSphere 5.0 installation and then upgrade vCenter and the vSphere hosts to 5.1.  Works great.  My rMBP has 16GB of RAM and a 512GB SSD and the demo flew with everything running and 3 vSphere hosts.  Very pleased with it and it provided a great low-risk way to do live labs.  Thank you yet again to the AutoLab team.

I need to put up a few blog posts that came out of questions after my session..but for those wondering…

  • Can you edit the dump of the VDS configuration information?  Yes and no.  Some of it is in binary and I’m working on a post that discusses this.
  • Does the rollback function also work when you are moving a host from a vSwitch to the VDS?  Yes.  If you roll the management vmkernel interface to mis-configured port-group on the VDS it will roll back after 30 seconds.


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