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August, 2012

VMworld 2012 Day 3 – [REDACTED]


Today (Wednesday) was more of a “down” day.  No sessions to present and nothing too pressing.  It was a day of briefings with EMC and the CTO event for vExperts in the evening.  My colleagues didn’t have it as easy.


Joe Kelly, Greg Camp, and one of our customers, Michael Bailess presented a session on a solution we helped them with that included two active data centers, Site Recovery Manager, and EMC’s RecoverPoint.  The session went very well and I’m excited to see more Varrow people presenting at VMworld.  Well done guys.  Their session was scheduled to repeat on Thursday as well.


Most of my time in the Hang Space was spent at the blogger tables talking and coordinating meetings and events…but I played a few games of foosball on Wednesday.  Throughout the week I have been giving away copies of my TrainSignal training courses and on Wednesday I offered them up to anyone that could beat me.  I didn’t give any away.  But…I did accept a doubles game challenge from Amy Lewis and Kendrick Coleman.  At the end of the week I was 7-0. 🙂  That’s what happens when you work for a that runs out of money.  Nice to know I still have some rusty skills.


In the afternoon we sat in several EMC briefings.  Much of it is under NDA so I can’t talk about [REDACTED] but we also got a glimpse of Project X, which will be the product from EMC’s acquisition of XtremIO.  TheRegister has some speculation here.  All I will say is that it’s very cool…and very fast.

In the evening I went to the CTO vExpert event.  This is a great event that VMware has hosted for a while and is a hot ticket every year for vExperts.  It’s a great chance to network with other vExperts as well as many engineers and product managers from VMware.  Steve Herrod and Pat Gelsinger were both there talking with the guests.


Had a nice talk with Pat Gelsinger and since no one else had done it I asked if he was responsible for the dropping of the vRAM licensing.  He said, “Hey, if you want to give me credit for it, I’ll take it!”.  I would too, Pat.

The rest of the evening was spent eating some very good Indian food and skipping the VMworld party where Bon Jovi played.  I needed to save my voice for my second session on Thursday.

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