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August, 2012

VMworld 2012 Day 2 – Rise of EUC

Yeah, yeah…I’m late on this one but it’s been a crazy week.  Tuesday is Day 2 for me and it started with the second keynote focused on EUC (End User Computing).  My area of expertise is not EUC but I have to say, the demo of Mirage (from the Wanova acquisition) was very impressive.  Mirage breaks desktop images down in to layers and chunks and allows you to move, upgrade, and manage the different parts so that you can update applications and the underlying OS without changing the other pieces.  Sounds like magic to me, but I hear very good things.  It’s not out just yet but will be soon and is a great complement to VMware View.

Other things show in the keynote were Horizon, AppBlast, AppShift, and Project Octopus…now called HorizonData.  To me, it feels like EUC is really maturing at a rapid pace and the pieces that glue it all together and give you the promised operational efficiencies are finally here.  If you want to read things about EUC from someone that actually understands EUC, I suggest you follow Dave Lawrence.  He is my peer here at Varrow and is the Director of the EUC practice.

After the keynote Joe Kelly and I went to meet up with Andy and David Davis from TrainSignal.  Andy is the new recruiter that handles lining up instructors and David is…well..he’s David.  One of the best community evangelists and instructors in the business.  We talked about some future projects for us.  I’ve been talking with Joe about him doing some EMC storage courses for TrainSignal.  They’d be great.  Everyone tell him to do it. 🙂

Finally!  A chance to hit the expo hall.  Bigger yet again with the usual suspects as well as a lot of newer startups.

Joe with (ex-Varrowite) Trent Steele and Justin Lauer in the background

The expo hall was busy each time I was in there today.  I will say one thing though…and it’s not just me complaining.  This sentiment was shared by several others without me prompting.  Vendors are getting WAY too aggressive trying to scan badges and get leads.  Joe and I were walking from one booth to another and I literally heard one person trying to scan badges say “What?  You’re just going to walk by without saying anything?!”.  VMware, police your vendors in the expo hall.  Let us walk around without being hassled.

One new vendor to the hall that I was very happy to see was Synology.  Many people that follow my blog or me on Twitter know I’m a fan of these guys for lab and smaller storage needs (non-Enterprise arrays).

They are showing some very cool stuff that is really pushing features down in to that end of the pricing spectrum.  The xs+ pictured above has slots for SSDs to be used for read caching with read and write caching on the roadmap.  In their booth they also demoed a preview of their active/passive failover system that works between the new xs+ models.  It’s basically async replication between two NAS with automatic failover in case of a failure.  Again..amazing what you can get in this price range these days.  I love it.  Also..they gave me some good news.  I guess we yelled loud enough that they are putting VAAI support in to some of the + models, like the 1512+ and the 1812+.  Hopefully we’ll see support for some XX11+ models, too, but it depends on the underlying hardware.  Thank you for listening Synology.

It’s amazing how much is going on at the conference.  I remember when you went to an IT conference and while sessions were going most things were a ghost town.  Not any more.  There are many other presentations, demos, and meetups going on at all times.  The picture above is Brian Tobia of RSA talking virtual network security at the Community Lounge.  I’ve seen several really cool presentations about all sorts of things there over the last few days.

In the evening was another meet up..but one I was looking forward to attending.  VMware hosted the VCDX party at RN47.  I say it a lot, but the best thing about VMworld (and other conferences too) is that I get to see people I only see at things like this.  Right now, as of today (defenses are happening this week), there are 94 VCDXs and I finally got to meet a lot more of them.  Great people that I’ve talked to via email or Twitter and it’s nice to actually be in the same room and just talk.  Ken Schroeder is the other VCDX in North Carolina but we’ve never been able to sit down and talk..we finally got to do that on the other side of the country.  Also got some cool stickers. 🙂  It’s the little things…

Good day…very good day.  Not crazy hectic like the others this week….and it ended with a nice dinner with some of the other Varrow guys. might have taken us over 3 hours to finally get all our sushi but it’s very, very rare that we can get together like that and just talk.  I work with extremely talented and genuinely good people but we’re often spread so thin it’s tough to meet one for dinner much less 5 or 6 of us.

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  1. Great to hear that Synology are adding VAAI to some lower end models – I don’t suppose there were any dates mentioned? I’m guessing DSM 4.1 will be released soon so it’ll be in a later revision. I’ve got the DS1512+ and was hoping they might do this when I bought it. Happy days.

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