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August, 2012

VMworld 2012 – Day 0 – The Calm Before the Blur

For some this is Day 1, for me it’s Day 0.  I’m flying out to San Francisco right now while many did it yesterday.  Right now it seems like coming in yesterday would have been a good idea, but I really wanted to spend a day with the family first.  It makes for a more rushed time, that’s for sure.  I won’t get in until 7pm San Francisco time and that’s right when VMworld registration closes so I won’t be able to get my badge tonight.  That means I’ll be in the rush in the morning, and then to the speaker registration, and then try and hit the big morning session.

We’ll see what happens.  It surprises me that the conference basically starts today, Sunday…the expo hall is open tonight.  Hands on labs (HoLs) are open today.  That’s unusual for a conference and it shows how these are growing.  I’m not sure that’s a good thing or not..making a long week even longer but it’s almost a necessity at this point.  With almost 20,000 people attending it might be time for east/west coast shows.

For me, VMworld is not what it used to be.  I’m no longer a normal attendee.  This isn’t a relaxing week of conference sessions, vendor parties, and sight seeing.  It’s an extremely busy week speaking, meeting, briefing, interviewing, and getting up to do it all over again.  It’s interesting being on “the other side” these days.  There are still habits I continue with…like setting up my full week session schedule that invariably gets destroyed the week before the conference by other meetings and briefings.  It’s not a bad loss, as much of the content I know or can get access to later, but it just shows that things are different.

That’s not to say it’s bad.  It’s an exciting week.  I get to see many people that I only get to see at things like this, and that’s really why I’m here.  We (Varrow) have 3 different sessions this week which all got repeated and that’s huge for a partner our size.  It’s fun to see the other guys get ready and prepare for it…all while I’m still scrambling to smooth mine out…  The briefings both with our partners as well as some of our customers are very valuable and often this is the only time we can all sit down and do it.  It’s frantic, packed, and exciting.

Get ready for tomorrow!  It’s on.  It’s going to be REALLY good, trust me.  Get ready for the blur.

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