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April, 2014

vExpert 2014s Announced! Varrow Hits Double Digits!

Today the first batch of VMware vExperts for 2014 was announced!  You can see the full list here.  I’m very humbled and honored to get it for my 5th year in a row.  What I’m most excited about and very, very proud of are my fellow Varrowites who made it.  We now have 10 vExperts this year!  They are:

We (Varrow) are big fans of these types of “influencer programs”.  This is a topic that I recently hit on in this episode of the Geek Whisperers podcast.  I have a blog post on that particular topic coming very soon but I feel these programs are a great way to try and reward contributors to the communities from which we all benefit.  VMware does a great job with the vExpert program and is really a shining example of this sort of thing.

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