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February, 2013

Varrow Madness 2013 – Things to Watch For!

REGISTER HERE!  And put my name as your referral.  We have an internal contest and I’m determined to beat the sales team this year.  Help me out!

It’s getting close!  Varrow Madness 2013 at the Durham, NC convention center on March 21st is almost here.  You’re registered, right?  You should be.  Why?  Well…let’s see.


The Keynotes Will Be Awesome

One benefit of this being our 3rd year and showing our dedication and commitment to this event, as well as the attendee response, is that we can again bring in some great keynote speakers.  The morning keynote will be Jesse Lipson, VP and GM of ShareFile.  A bit on Jesse:

Jesse Lipson is the VP & GM of Data Sharing at Citrix, where he is responsible for the vision, market direction and product strategy behind the company’s data platform.

A self-taught software programmer, Jesse has launched and led multiple cloud and e-commerce businesses since the age of 23. His first venture was, a pharmaceutical market research company, where he served as president and CEO. In just two years, he helped grow revenues at by over 500 percent and laid the foundation for the company’s acquisition by Greenfield Online. Subsequent to, Jesse co-founded and served as CEO for the website development firm novelProjects.

The afternoon keynote will be handled by Frank Hauck, President of VCE.  I’m very excited to have Frank with us and amazed that it happened.  This happened due to a dinner that I had with our VCE partner channel team just two weeks ago.  Given how busy Frank is and the short timeline I didn’t think it would actually happen…but it did!  Frank will be speaking about the future of converged  infrastructure in the datacenter.  Good timing with last week’s VCE new product launches.  A bit of info on Frank:

Frank Hauck is President of VCE. Hauck and VCE are working to deliver next generation converged infrastructure to transform the economics, agility and profitability of enterprises and service providers as they transition to cloud-enabled business models. VCE is a joint venture between Cisco and EMC with investments from VMware and Intel.

A 20-year EMC veteran, Hauck was most recently Executive Vice President, Customer Experience reporting to EMC Chairman and CEO Joe Tucci. His responsibilities included leading EMC’s Solutions, Technology Alliances, Customer Quality, and Total Customer Experience organizations. Hauck also led Worldwide Manufacturing, Global Supply Chain Operations, Advanced Development, Partner Engineering, Business Operations and Common Hardware Products including Iomega.


The Sessions

Putting on an event like this isn’t easy, especially if you want good quality sessions and we continue to push that.  This year we have expanded the number of sessions we are having (almost 50). Along with more we’ve been pushing for better and more technical content.  I think we’re going to deliver.  I’m holding our partners and sponsors accountable on their content, so let me know if it isn’t up to your standards.  The fine people at Varrow have also stepped up and we have many technical sessions being presented by our people.

I will be doing a session on physical vSphere connectivity and configuration.  This is a session that I wanted to do at VMworld but it got shot down…not that I’m bitter or anything.  I’ll post an abstract as soon as I write one.  But if things like port-channels, teaming types, and hashing sometimes causes you problems you’re probably my target audience.  You can find the latest agenda here.  I think we are still adding a few last minute sessions..trying to get a VPLEX session in there, for example…but it’s mostly complete.


Hands-on Labs

Labs!  We are hosting two different lab setups this year.  The first will be a Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View lab.  It’s an either/or thing.  For two sessions we’ll do XenDesktop and for the other two we’ll do VMware View.  The second set is a collection of the most popular VMware/EMC labs hosted by the EMC vSpecialists.  I’ll have a final list of those up very soon.  But they should be good.


We’ve got some VERY cool entertainment on tap this year. more drums.  I promise.  And no flash least not one they’ve told me about.  I’m sworn to secrecy but I think you’ll love it.  Come check it out.

REGISTER HERE!  And put my name as your referral.  We have an internal contest and I’m determined to beat the sales team this year.  Help me out!

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