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March, 2013

Varrow Madness 2013 Labs Just Got Better!


We’re just a little bit over a week out to Varrow Madness 2013 in Durham, NC on March 21st!  Some new news…  We’ve been planning to have two sets of labs.  One set is VMware View and Citrix XenDesktop VDI labs while the other set was 10 very popular VMware labs.  But we’re expanding that!  The second set will now include all of the VMware Hall of Labs!  How awesome is that?!

So if you didn’t get a chance to do all the labs yo uwanted at VMworld or PEX…or just couldn’t attend…now is your chance!

If you haven’t signed up you need to get on it now!  You can do that here.  And as always, put my name as your referral!  I’m trying to beat the sales team this year and I’m close…but not in #1 right now.


Labs include:

  • HOL-INF-01 – Essential IT Management with VMware vCenter Protect
  • HOL-INF-02 – Explore vSphere 5.1 Distributed Switch (vDS) New Features
  • HOL-INF-03 – Automate Your vSphere 5.1 Deployment with Auto Deploy
  • HOL-INF-04 – Deliver Optimal Performance with VMware vSphere 5.1
  • HOL-INF-05 – VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM)
  • HOL-INF-06 – Deploy and Operate Your Cloud with the VMware vCloud Suite
  • HOL-INF-07 – VMware vCloud Networking and Security (vCNS)
  • HOL-INF-08 – Drive PCI Compliance with VMware vCenter Configuration Manager (vCM) and vShield App
  • HOL-INF-09 – Deliver Your IT Services in the Cloud
  • HOL-INF-10 – Script and Develop Your Cloud Solution with PowerCLI and the vSphere Web Client SDK
  • HOL-APP-01 – Manage Your vCloud Suite Applications with VMware vFabric Application Director
  • HOL-APP-02 – Deploy Applications in a Platform as a Service (PaaS) World with Cloud Foundry
  • HOL-APP-03 – Enable Database as a Service (DBaaS) in Your Cloud with VMware vFabric Data Director
  • HOL-APP-04 – Implement Cloud Ready Databases with VMware vFabric SQLFire
  • HOL-APP-05 – Scale Your Applications with VMware vFabric
  • HOL-OPS-01 – VMware vCenter Operations Manager Enterprise
  • HOL-OPS-02 – Secure Your Cloud with VMware vCenter Configuration Manager
  • HOL-OPS-03 – Build an IT Cost Model with the VMware IT Business Managment Suite
  • HOL-OPS-04 – vCloud Automation Center – Rapidly Deliver Private and Hybrid Clouds Across Multi-Vendor Environments
  • HOL-OPS-05 – Explore VMware vCenter Operations Manager Enterprise New Features
  • HOL-OPS-06 – Manage the Financial Aspects of your IT Service Portfolio with the VMware IT Business Managment Suite
  • HOL-OPS-07 – VMware vCenter Orchestrator – “The Undiscovered Country”
  • HOL-EUC-01 – Building a VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop
  • HOL-EUC-02 – Build and Operate the Business Process Desktop
  • HOL-EUC-03 – Troubleshoot and Optimize VMware View
  • HOL-EUC-04 – Discover VMware Horizon Workspace
  • HOL-EUC-05 – Never Lose an Email or Sense of Security with VMware Zimbra
  • HOL-EUC-07 – Social Collaboration for Your Enterprise with VMware Socialcast
  • HOL-EUC-09 – Manage Desktops with VMware Horizon Mirage
  • HOL-EUC-10 – Take a Guided Tour of VMware Horizon View 5.2
  • HOL-PRT-01 – Automate IP Address Assignment and DNS registration using Infoblox
  • HOL-PRT-02 – Manage VMware vSphere and EMC Unified Storage Integration
  • HOL-PRT-03 – Implement VMware Site Recovery Manager using the HP Virtual Storage Appliance (VSA)
  • HOL-PRT-04 – Deploy VMware vCloud Director with Cisco Nexus 1000V and VXLAN
  • HOL-PRT-05 – Enable Tenant Backup and Recovery in vCloud Director with NetApp Snap Creator
  • HOL-PRT-06 – Security and Compliance in Virtualized Environments with TrendMicro

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