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January, 2014

Varrow and VMware vCHS Deep Dive Events This Week!

My plan was to get this post up sooner but between a surprise attack from kidney stones, end of quarter, holidays, and PTO…plus a few more excuses I can’t think of right now…that didn’t happen.  So my apologies for the short notice but this is something you need to check out if you’re anywhere near Charlotte or Raleigh.

The events will be Wednesday in Charlotte and Thursday in Raleigh.  They are being hosted by Varrow and VMware.  This is not a normal breakfast or lunch event. Chris Colotti, Senior Product Line Technical Marketing Manager with vCloud Hybrid Services, will be there to talk in depth about vCHS.  He’ll cover what it is, how it works, how you use it, and show real world examples and demonstrations.  This isn’t a fluff marketing event.  It’s a deep dive on what you need to know about VMware’s new hybrid cloud offering.  Chris is someone I’ve known a while and is a fantastic resource.

If you have ANY interest at all in vCHS I highly, HIGHLY, recommend that you attend.  Again, I realize it’s short notice for some of you but it’ll be time well spent.  This is a very good opportunity to get in to the nuts and bolts of vCHS.

You can register here.

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