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June, 2010

The Impact of Virtualization….Everywhere.

Right now I’m on a flight to Las Vegas for Cisco Live 2010. Since I have time I’m looking at my session schedule for the week and continuing to juggle things to find that right balance. Too many sessions, not enough days.

What jumps out at me though, are the number of sessions and amount time being spent focusing on virtualization now. It’s a very noticeable change from just last year. I think anyone that went to EMC World this year saw the same thing there. If not, just look at the announcements that came out of that conference and I expect that to continue this week.

It’s the topic at almost every technical trade show now. Hopefully this isn’t just vendor driven but is also coming from those that employ virtualization in their data centers. What I’d like to see are sessions that teach and motivate the attendees to continue the virtualization strategy up in to those high tier applications. Move beyond that 20%, 30%, or 40% virtualization barrier where we see a lot of companies stall.

If you’re at Live this week drop me an email or a Tweet (@nash_j) so we can talk.

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