The Blog is Back!and I Made a Change!
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August, 2016

The Blog is Back! And I Made a Change…


It’s been a while but I finally got the blog redesigned and back up.  This has been planned for a while but it’s something that just never bubbled up on the priority list, until now.  You’ll see more content coming up again now that things are starting to settle down for me…

And on that note…  Not exactly a big announcement but back in February I moved on from Sirius and joined the fine people at AHEAD out of Chicago.  From 2008 to 2015 I was very lucky to work with some amazing people at Varrow.  On May 1st, 2015 Varrow was acquired by Sirius Computer Solutions.  It’s tough seeing something you put so much in to get sold but it was time.  The world was..and is changing and it was time.  After about 10 months I felt that I wanted to go back to a smaller company.

I have always said that if I went to work for another partner after Varrow there was only one that I’d want to join..and that was AHEAD.  Over the years I had gotten to know a lot of people at AHEAD and was always very impressed.  Excellent people, well developed culture, and a solid vision for where they wanted to take the company.  Thankfully, everything worked out and I’m now working with them to build new solutions, refine and develop the product portfolio, and push the messaging around our CDP (Cloud Delivery Platform). 

It’s been weird being the new guy.  Not to mention being one of the first employees down in the Carolinas but they’ve done a great job of making me feel at home.  Now that I’m getting in the groove it’s proven to be a great decision.




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