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September, 2013

Cisco Starts Showing Its SDDC Hand – Acquires WHIPTAIL

Well...well...well.  This morning when I jumped on Twitter I saw a few tweets that weren't totally unexpected.  They were concerning Cisco acquiring a storage company.  How long . . .
August, 2013

Repeat Session Added for VDS Technical Deep Dive!

It looks like my session (VSVC4966) on Tuesday was getting close to full so they added a second session on Wednesday at 9:30.  This session is a bit of a re-hash of last year's hi . . .
November, 2012

Speaking at the Charleston, SC VMUG on 11/14

Just a quick note that I'll be speaking at the Charleston, SC VMUG this Wednesday the 14th on the USS Yorktown!  I can't wait to see the Yorktown again...great location.  My pres . . .
October, 2012

VMworld 2012 Slide Deck for NET-2207

After my session at VMworld 2012 several people requested my slide deck.  That is attached here: IN . . .
October, 2012

Cisco Announces Nexus 1000v v2.1 and New Pricing Model!

Update:  I had previously said that the Essentials license required some level of support but as Gary noted in the comments that is not the case.  If you don't w . . .
August, 2012

Varrow’s Sessions at VMworld 2012

My apologies as I wanted to get this post up about two weeks ago but never did it.  We (Varrow) are hugely honored to be presenting at three different sessions at VMworld 2012 in . . .
May, 2012

Announcing the vSphere Advanced Networking Training from TrainSignal

Another one down!  Very proud to announce the release of my next training offering by TrainSignal.  This is a course focused on the more advanced features and functions of vSpher . . .
August, 2011

vSphere 5 How To Series: vDS Port Mirroring

In this installment of the vSphere 5 How To series we'll take a look at the new port mirroring feature in the vDS (vSphere Distributed Switch).  Up until now you had to get a litt . . .
June, 2011

Yay! Speaking at VMworld 2011!

On Friday I got some very good news.  If you remember a while back I asked everyone t . . .