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February, 2013

Synology Backup Using Amazon Glacier

Continuing my series of videos demoing different features of the Synology NAS arrays….  Last time I asked for requests for other features people would like to see and one suggestion was to show the Amazon Glacier integration.  So…here we are!  Amazon Glacier is a reasonably priced cloud backup service offered by Amazon.  Using this service you can directly backup the data stored on your Synology array offsite to the cloud service.  It’s important to do this.  Yes, RAID is great and will protect you should you fail a disk..but what happens if the NAS is destroyed in a fire or taken in a theft?  I’m a firm believer in offsite backup.

Keep in mind that this backs up the “filesystem data”, not data stored in an iSCSI LUN.  You’ll need to use something else for that but usually if you are using iSCSI you have some idea of the requirements.


7 thoughts on “Synology Backup Using Amazon Glacier”

  1. How are you finding multipart uploads of large (20GB+) files? I have tried to set up glacier backups on my synology, but I get an error on large files.

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