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August, 2013

Submit Questions for VSVC4570 – Ask the Expert VCDXs!

To be honest I’m a bit nervous about this session.  I like it because it requires very little prep work from me….but it’s also a bit daunting since it’ll all be live and unscripted on stage at VMworld!  It was a pretty cool surprise and honor to be asked to sit on the panel with others like Doug Baer, Matt Cowger, Chris Wahl and Rick Scherer.  This session is at 2pm on Wednesday so you should be mostly..kinda…awake by then, right?!

If you’d like to submit a question or two for the panel please do so here.  You will also have the chance to ask questions live during the session but we know that some people don’t like to stand up at a mic and ask things…so you can do it via the form.  Either way we hope you’ll attend and be sure to stop by before or after and say hello!

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