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September, 2008

Site Recovery Manager Demonstration Video

Recently I have set up a SRM environment in a virtual lab for testing and performing demos.  I took the opportunity to create a video giving an overview of Site Recovery Manager.  The video walks through a normal configuration and then a test failover.  It’s a simple environment but will give someone a complete picture of what SRM is capable of doing.

For those interested, the lab environment is easy to set up and a great way to learn about SRM.  I have used both VMWare Workstation 6.5 Beta 2 and Fusion 2.0 Beta.  You can also use an ESX host if you want.  The most complex piece of configuring the lab is the SAN environment.  You can either use EMC’s Celerra Simulator or LeftHand Network’s VSA.  The lab environment consists of two Windows Servers running Virtual Center and housing the VC database, two SANs, and at least two ESX servers.

Next week I will try to do a more in-depth writeup on configuring the lab environment.  In the mean time there is some good information available online to help anyone that wants to set this up.  Mike Laverick has posted a sample chapter from his upcoming book on SRM that covers the configuration of LeftHand’s VSA for snapshot replication.  His final book is due very soon and is excellent.  Mike also has some SRM videos as well.  I have mentioned Xtravirt before.  They offer some whitepapers on configuring VMWare Workstation to run ESX as a virtual machine.

Links to the videos:

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