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August, 2013

Repeat Session Added for VDS Technical Deep Dive!

It looks like my session (VSVC4966) on Tuesday was getting close to full so they added a second session on Wednesday at 9:30.  This session is a bit of a re-hash of last year’s highly rated session.  Like last year it’ll have a good bit of live lab and I’m adding new content that you’ll see announced at VMworld.  Should be a good one!  Stop by and say hello after if you attend.



1 thought on “Repeat Session Added for VDS Technical Deep Dive!”

  1. Hi! Jason, That was an awesome session. Infact the best in VMworld 2013. I wish you had more sessions. You have inspired me to move to vDS from Standard switches.
    Do you have the recording of that session? Appreciate if you can point me to some documents and videos (prefer your stuff :)) to learn more about vDS.

    Many thanks

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