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July, 2011

Read This If You Have an EMC Celerra or VNX and OSX Lion Clients!

We’re still getting reports of people having this problem so we are trying to get the word out everywhere that we can.  If you have an EMC Celerra or VNX and there is any chance a user will connect to a CIFS share from an Apple computer running OSX 10.7 (Lion) you should read this EMC Technical Advisory.  Lion can cause the Data Movers to panic and reboot which will initiate a DM failover.

Dear EMC Customer,  

EMC Technical Advisory Regarding Celerra and VNX Storage Arrays   EMC has identified a compatibility issue with the Mac Operating System 10.7 Lion release that will impact the operations of your EMC Celerra or VNX storage system(s). To introduce the Mac Operating System 10.7 release into your EMC environment, you must ensure your EMC Celerra and VNX storage system (s) is at or above the code levels list below.  EMC previously issued EMC Technical Advisories (“ETA”)  emc263721 concerning this issue on March 11, 2011 and July 14, 2011.  EMC strongly recommends that you read this solution before installing the Mac Operating System 10.7 Lion release in your environment. 

Please see the instructions at the bottom of this email to subscribe to automatically receive future ETAs and view the previously released ETA for a detailed description of this issue.  EMC is also proactively sending this email to notify you of the issue so that you can take the necessary precautions to protect your EMC environment.  EMC is making available an upgrade to your NAS software operating on your EMC Celerra or VNX storage system to improve the interoperability with the Mac Operating System 10.7 Lion release.  The EMC upgrade is available for 5.6, 6.0 and 7.0(VNX) code.  The code versions below contain the updates:

• – 320

• or higher

• – 101

• 7.0.13.x or higher  

EMC strongly recommends that you install this upgrade before installing the Mac Operating System 10.7 Lion release.   Please contact EMC Customer Services at the number below or your Authorized Service Provider in order to obtain this upgrade.  Please reference EMC Knowledgebase article emc263721 when contacting EMC or your Authorized Service Provider.   

To subscribe to product specific EMC Technical Advisories  

1. Log in to

2. Go to Support > Technical Documentation and Advisories > Technical Advisories.

3. Click the Alert Me icon next to the Product documents of choice to add it to your Alerts Portlet. You can choose to be notified by email and/or each time you log on to Powerlink. By default, the Powerlink homepage will reflect recently updated documents to which you are subscribed when you next log in to Powerlink.  

For detailed information on the EMC Technical Advisory (ETAs) process, see solution emc83812, “What is the EMC Technical Advisory (ETA) process?” Recommendation and Further Assistance

As noted above, EMC strongly recommends that you allow for this important upgrade as soon as possible.   EMC appreciates your business.  We are constantly working to help customers better protect their most important asset, their business data.  If you have any questions regarding this email, please contact your local EMC customer service representative, or Global Services Technical Support at:  

United States    (800) 782-4362 (SVC-4EMC)

Canada (800)      543-4782 (543-4SVC)

Worldwide          (508) 497-7901 

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