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July, 2011

Proud to Present: VMware vSphere Security Design Course by TrainSignal

Over the last few months in my exceedingly rare spare time (Varrow + 3 year-old + rampant trap/skeet shooting addiction) I have been working with TrainSignal and Lane Leverett on a new course, vSphere Security Design.  This is a course that I’ve been really excited about since I have a great deal of interest in information security and love combining it with my love of virtualization.

This course is available form TrainSignal separately or as part of their VCAP-DCA package.   Included in the VCAP-DCA package is:

  • VMware vSphere Troubleshooting
  • VMware vSphere Security Design
  •  VMware vSphere Performance Monitoring
  • VMware vSphere PowerCLI

The overall goal for the security course is to provide vSphere administrators with a solid understanding of the tools, features, and 3rd party options at their disposable to help secure their virtual environments.  While at Cisco Live 2011 I caught up with the good people from TrainSignal and did a quick interview talking about this course:


In the course we cover a lot of information and worked to make sure it aligned with the VCAP-DCA blueprint, as well.  There are lessons on securing vSphere hosts, guests, vCenter…working with the vShield Suite as well as other 3rd party applications like Splunk and Trend Micro’s Deep Security.  We wanted to make sure it didn’t just go over the basics but really dove in to what a vSphere administrator would want and need to know to perform their duties.  Network planning, design, and implementation with the vSphere Distributed Switch as well as the Cisco Nexus 1000v was also covered in detail, which is an area that I get frequent questions about especially as people start or continue to virtualize their DMZ networks/servers.

So if you you are interested in security training I encourage you to check it out.  It’s not just those under some sort of compliance (PCI, HIPAA..) that need to worry about it.  Everyone needs to factor security in to their design, administration, and planning. Working on this course with TrainSignal has been a lot of fun.  They truly are great people to work with and give a lot back to the IT community.  I know several people that have used their training in the past and have always given it excellent reviews, and I can see why.  TrainSignal really focuses on quality of the course and making sure that those that use them get everything out of them that they can.  Real lab work is always preferred over static presentations and it makes for a much more enjoyable, and beneficial, learning experience.  Over the years I’ve written several technical books and study guides and this experience has been by far the smoothest and most enjoyable and I really hope to work with TrainSignal on some other projects.

Also while at Cisco Live I did another quick interview with them about myself, thoughts on Cisco Live, and what I have coming up this year.


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