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June, 2013

Presenting at VMworld 2013!

It looks like I’ll be presenting again this year at VMworld in San Francisco.  It’s an honor and I don’t mean that lightly.  Many, many people submit to speak at VMworld and the vast majority don’t get to do it.  It also seems like every year there are fewer and fewer non-VMware people presenting, but I don’t have hard numbers to back that up so maybe that’s just my perception.  But…either way…I feel a duty to make sure my sessions are very good.  As my good friend Jeramiah said: Screen Shot 2013-06-18 at 4.36.12 PM

I couldn’t agree more.  So with that…  The two sessions I’ll be presenting or a part of are:

VSVC4570 – Ask the Expert VCDXs

Not sure why I’m on here since it’s experts but I was very honored when asked!  This is a long running (6th time I think) session at VMworld and it should be very good.  What I like about it is the mix of people:

It’s a good mix of vendor/manufacturer along with partner/VAR (Chris and I).  If you know anything about Chris and me you know we aren’t afraid to say what we think and neither are the other guys so it should be full of real information and what we actually think.

VSVC4966 – vSphere Distributed Switch – Technical Deep Dive

This is basically a revised version of the highly rated session I did last year.  It’s not in the content catalog yet because it’s going to include some stuff that I’m not allowed to talk about yet.  I’m trying to get it added to the catalog so you can add it to your schedule.  But we’ll go through many recommendations and best practices for the VDS and like last year it’s going to be very lab heavy.  PowerPoint slides make me sad.

If you plan to be at VMworld let me know!  Love to talk and have a drink.  Should be a great week.

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