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September, 2008

VMware: The debate over storage protocols

I'm all over the place this week.  Tonight I'm at a cool little coffee shop in Providence, RI enjoying an excellent latte and some ging . . .
September, 2008

Celerra & iSCSI Demonstration

Greetings from a Starbucks at the Charlotte airport.  I'm here waiting to board my flight to Boston for a week at the EMC office.  Last night I put together a quick video showing . . .
September, 2008

Site Recovery Manager Demonstration Video

Recently I have set up a SRM environment in a virtual lab for testing and performing demos.  I took the opportunity to create a video giving an overview of Site Recovery Manager. . . .
August, 2008

Disabling MAC Address Checking in VMWare

Some software still ties license keys to MAC addresses.  VMWare, by default, only allows a virtual machine to use a MAC address in their assigned range.  So what do you do when y . . .
August, 2008

Shadow VMs on Site Recovery Manager

Occasionally when implementing SRM we get asked about the Shadow VMs created in the recovery site.  What are they for?  How much space do they require?  Where should they be sto . . .
August, 2008

About Reserved LUN Pools

Recently I've been working with MirrorView/A on CLARiiON and I've seen some confusion concerning the proper configuration of Reserved LUN Pools.  The Reserved LUN Pool is a set of . . .
August, 2008

GMail Cookies

For a long time Google has only used SSL for the GMail login page and as soon as you were logged in it switched you to a non-encrypted connection.  Google has finally enabled SSL . . .
August, 2008

CLARiiON CX4 – Investment Protection

As you may or may not know EMC has released their CLARiiON CX4 storage system.  Joe has done an excellent write-up
August, 2008

ESX 3.5 Under VMware Workstation 6.5 Beta

According to the guys at it looks like you can now run ESX 3.5 under the latest VMware Workstation Beta.  Until now you haven't been able to actually spawn VMs under . . .