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January, 2013

New TrainSignal Course: vCenter Operations Manager Implementation

That time again!  I’m proud once more to announce a new course from TrainSignal.  This time it’s on vCenter Operations Manager, a product that I love and think is very useful to most vSphere admins out there.  We’ve had a huge amount of interest in vCOPs from our customers but there hasn’t been much training available out there, especially for the more advanced features.

The course covers:

  • Overview of the different license levels
  • Components and architecture
  • Preparation and installation
  • Tour of the interface
  • Deep instruction on all the major and minor badges
  • Using alerts and predictive analysis
  • Training on the Custom UI
  • Dashboards and widgets
  • KPIs and Super Metrics

vCenter Operations Manager is a very powerful tool while also being really easy to use.  It takes all of the thousands of metrics you get from VMs and servers and distills it down to useable information.  Using the builtin analytics engine it can accurately predict workload and business cycles and look for problems before they cause an impact.

Many people I talk to are interested in the Custom UI feature that lets you build out your own dashboards, multi-server applications, and advanced metrics (KPIs and Super Metrics).  That’s an area with very little useful information and is often confusing so I made sure to include lessons on how to get started with those features.  The idea is to give you an idea of what it takes to fully utilize those and gives you what you need to decide which license level is right for your organization.

TrainSignal has put up several sample videos from the course, including:


There are more on the TrainSignal YouTube channel.  If you sit through the course please send me your feedback!  I’d love to hear it.  A link to the course information is here.

1 thought on “New TrainSignal Course: vCenter Operations Manager Implementation”

  1. Heya Jason,

    Finished the vCOPS trainsignal class a few mins ago and thought I’d drop you a note to say I really enjoyed the course and thought you did an excellent job covering a huge amount of data. The info has been very helpful in getting some things setup in my environments and explaining / elaborating on a bunch of things.

    Only thing I can think of to change / fix in the class is when you’re discussing the pdf results from the oversized VM report – you refer to the % utilization of recommended CPU column (3rd?) as the % utilization of current CPU and advise the watcher to do the math necessary to figure out what the recommended vCPU should be. Yes, in a 9+ hour class that’s the only thing I could think of to change.

    Final note: With me being from Kentucky, I love your accent and it reminds me of home. I live in Texas and although we definitely have our accents here, it’s way different from KY, NC, etc.

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