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June, 2013

New TrainSignal Course! VCAP5-DCA Prep!

Once again I’m proud to announce the release of another TrainSignal course.  This one prepares you for the VMware VCAP5-DCA exam..and let me tell is a monster course.  This one was the longest of all the courses I’ve done but I think the end result is very good.

The VCAP5-DCA exam is 100% lab.  You need to know how to do many different advanced things in vSphere and, to me, the key for preparation is spending a lot of time in a lab going through the material.  Slides are great, but they won’t get the job done here.  When creating the outline for this course I followed the exam blueprint and made sure everything was covered…even things that shouldn’t be on the exam or don’t apply to current versions (those are covered in less detail!).   VMware recommends the Optimize & Scale course for preparation for this exam but to be honest I don’t think it does the job.  It doesn’t follow the blueprint real closely, misses some things, and covers other things not on the exam.  This course focuses on the exam while also teaching the material for “real world applicability”.  That’s my way of saying I don’t teach exams…I teach material that you can apply to both your knowledge, production environment, and the exam.

If you haven’t seen the new subscription model that TrainSignal has moved to you need to check it out.  I don’t see how they are doing this but I’m very happy to see them do it.  You get access to the full TrainSignal library for only $49/month with NO contract or commitment.  Crazy.  You also get a free 3-day evaluation to try it out.  The people at TrainSignal are wonderful to work with and have the same commitment to quality that I do and that’s why I’m happy to continue to partner with them on these courses.  They are working to greatly expand the library which makes your monthly investment of $49 in to yourself an even better deal.

As always….if you go through my course please send me feedback.  Good?  Bad?  Missed something?  Could have gone further somewhere?  Let me know.  It’s getting where I’m starting to go back and revise earlier courses and I want to take that sort of feedback in to account.

Here is more information on the course and all 27 lessons.

Here is a sample video from the course:


8 thoughts on “New TrainSignal Course! VCAP5-DCA Prep!”

  1. Nice job on the course! Regarding NUMA nodes….is there way within vmware to find out how much memory a physical cpu socket can directly address? Or do you just need to look at the host tech specs to find that info?

  2. Tested out the new LABELLLIS BBC person along with uninstalled it… typically the KService. exe wasnt taken off. if you delete, you should personally eliminate the kservice…

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