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September, 2012

New Course from TrainSignal: Cisco Nexus 1000v Implementation Training

Very proud to announce that I have another course released by TrainSignal.  This course focuses on Cisco’s Nexus 1000v distributed virtual switch.  I’ve been a big fan of this product since it was released and have spoken about it at several VMUGs and VMworld conferences.  The problem with the 1000v is that it’s not the easiest thing to understand, deploy, and manage..especially if you don’t have at least a foundation of Cisco knowledge.  This course covers everything about the N1Kv including:

  • Architecture & Components
  • Things to consider before deployment
  • Methods for deploying the switch
  • Basic and advanced configuration
  • Upgrades and general management
  • Troubleshooting

This was a fun course to do as it’s, again, a product that I like a lot and enjoy working with.  As always with TrainSignal courses it is heavy on hands-on labs and instructing you by doing.  TrainSignal is giving you $50 off right now by using code NEXUS50. If you do go through the course PLEASE send me your feedback.  Good, bad, whatever.  I want to know how to enhance this course in the next version.

It is available here.

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