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February, 2012

New Cisco UCS Bundles! February 2012

It’s that time again!  It’s become a ritual for us to wait for the new UCS bundles to hit every quarter and today we got the list.  Let’s take a look and see what Cisco is up to here with their Q3 bundle offerings…

The first thing you might notice is that each bundle can now be ordered without hard drives.  It’s no secret in the server world that drives are causing a serious problem with ship times and at the end of last quarter Cisco allowed us to order bundles without HDs but it took some work.  With these new offerings they are a standard SKU.  Almost all of our UCS implementations are boot from SAN so I have been asking for diskless bundles since the very first batch came out.  About time… 🙂

The standard B-series offerings are…well…standard in many cases.  The big surprise for many here is the B200 Entry bundle.  This is a two blade starter pack.  Each blade has two E5620 quad-core 2.4GHz CPUs, 48GB of RAM, and the M81KR VIC adapter.  This is a VERY reasonably priced setup that should convince a lot of people that are “just adding a few more rack mount servers” to dip their toes in the B-series waters.


Cisco added the second gen 6248 Fabric Interconnect to bundles last quarter and that’s now the standard offering along with the denser 2208XP Fabric Extenders (FEX) in the chassis.  The B230 bundle now has the E7-2860 10-core CPUs.  There is only one B230 bundle this time, unlike last time where we had a 6-blade offering.  Not sure why that went away..that was popular.

Along with the B-series offerings are two C-series.  Cisco has C200 and C210 bundles.  Both come with two E5649 6-core CPUs and 48GB of RAM.  Hard drives are NOT optional on these.

Along with the “start bundles” that include FIs and chassis Cisco continues with the “expansion pack” offerings for additional blades.  You can buy these at the same time as the starters or any time later if you just want to add blades.

You are limited to a total of 5 bundles per quarter.  That includes starter bundles as well as expansion pack bundles.

If you notice these follow the starter bundle configurations above.

These bundles will be available for quoting until April 28th.  We can accept orders for those quotes until May 26th.  Notice the difference.  You have about 30 days to place an order after the bundles have expired.

Along with these standard bundles Cisco is also doing “Smart Play Solution Paks”, which basically mean bundles with UC on UCS.

They look VERY similar to the previous bundles, huh?  They are just sized/built for UC deployments.  There are also blade expansion packs:

And finally…  If you’re looking at deploying WAAS Cisco has some interesting vWAAS solutions.  Basically, you buy vWAAS and you get a UCS C-series to host it for free.  If you’re interested in that let me know and I’ll send you the configuration options.

Feel free to reach out if I/we can help you with your UCS deployment.  Our guys are the best there are with UCS and you’ll see why we’re the #1 UCS partner in the Carolinas.  My email address is [email protected]

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