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February, 2013

New Addition to the Varrow Madness Keynote Lineup!


We’re getting close!  It’s almost exactly a month until Varrow Madness 2013 on March 21st in Durham, NC.  Just wanted to get the word out that we have a great addition to the keynote lineup.  Frank Hauck, President of VCE, will be delivering the after-lunch keynote.  We’re very excited to have him and I think it’s a great opportunity for those in the area to come and see what he has to say about the future of converged infrastructure.

If you have not registered PLEASE DO.  You can do that here, and do me a favor and put my name (Jason Nash) as your referral.  I’m trying hard this year to beat out the sales team in our internal contest.  Help me out!  Don’t let those guys win!


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