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May, 2014

Join Us at the 2014 Carolina VMware Users Summit!

The 2014 Carolina VMware Users Summit is next Thursday, June 5th at the Charlotte Convention Center.  This has always been a great event and this year looks even better.  If you don’t believe me you can look at the full agenda here.  During lunch I’ll be doing the mid-day keynote on VMware NSX and how it actually works in the real world.  We’ll pull back the marketing and high level slide decks to see what it really does, how it’s deployed, and how you use it.  If you’re interested in SDN beyond the hype I think you’ll like it.  If not…sorry. 🙂

My fellow Varrowites Kyle Quinby and Tony Pittman will be doing a session on virtualizing MS SQL.  We will also be hosting the VMware Hands-On Labs right there at the event.  So stop by and check them out.  They continue to get even better and more in-depth.

Now let me preach just a little bit.  This is a great event…and it’s a great event being held in Charlotte.  If you’re in the area and reading this blog you should go.  I know it’s hard to get out of the office and get away but it’s well worth the time and the $0 admission.  The agenda is full of very interesting technical sessions by some of the best in this industry. The only way you’ll get more is by going to VMworld (money, money, money…) or maybe Varrow Madness (but I’m biased).  Consider it an investment in your career growth.  Plus we’re nice people.  Mostly.

Now go here and register.


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