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January, 2017

Initial Thoughts on Cisco Acquiring AppDynamics


So the news just hit that Cisco is acquiring AppD for a cool $3.7B.  Not bad for the AppD folks when the last evaluation I saw put them in the $1.9B or so range.  So is this good or not?

For Cisco it can be very good.  AppDynamics is a fantastic application monitoring platform.  We’ve been working with it for a while at AHEAD after we saw great potential with helping our customers dig in to their apps no matter where they run.  The possibilities of this with Cisco are pretty compelling.

Cisco didn’t have a tool for this space.  It’s hard to argue with what they can do with network information and telemetry with such offerings such as the relatively new Tetration and the now-being-deployed-for-real ACI.  But now imagine that working along side AppDynamics and being able to correlate that information.  Good stuff.

Will it happen?  Cisco isn’t great at acquisition integration.  That’s just a given in their software space.  Look at the “box of things” that they marketed as CIAC or what’s happened so far with CLiQR.  Cisco’s cloud strategy messaging in general is fragmented and not well articulated.  My concern is that AppD will turn in to just another tool in the Cisco tool chest…languishing and forgotten without being built in to a larger framework.

Time will tell…but so far I’m not seeing those pieces gel in to anything meaningful yet and the world is marching on.

I’d hate to see…..


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