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August, 2011

EMC VNXe Array Series: The Beginning…

Hey, what’s that in the box right there?

Well, the big box on the bottom is an EMC VNXe 3300 array.   The boxes on top, unfortunately, weren’t mine.  They contained some solid state drives and another tray of disks…but oh well…  Over the next several weeks I will be doing a series of posts on this VNXe 3300.  The goal of this will be to look at deploying one of these from box to production from a customer point of view.  I know…you’re saying…”But Jason, you work with this stuff a lot.  That’s not really a good comparison, is it?”.  Well..that’s not really accurate.  Over the last several years I’ve worked with EMC storage a good bit and over the last 15 years I’ve worked with storage in general a lot but I rarely ever get to do a full start-from-nothing deployment.  In fact, this may be the first time I’ve ever fully deployed a new array from the ground up.

Over the next few weeks I’ll be racking, cabling, booting, configuring, and provisioning storage from this system as though I’m the end user with a shiny new VNXe.  I won’t be cutting EMC any slack.  I won’t be giving them the benefit of the doubt and using my knowledge of their support, PowerLink, or contacts for help.  The purpose of the VNXe is that it’s easy, simple, and powerful.  Let’s prove it.

So stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “EMC VNXe Array Series: The Beginning…”

    1. Great question! After that article the VNXe was “borrowed” by another group to help resolve a problem. I just finally got it back about a week and a half ago and I plan to start these back up again.

  1. Looking at a combo installation where I need FC block data transfers into the storage array from a windows server environment, then Ethernet access to the files to offload them onto a different set of Windows servers. VNX5300 looks like it will do this, but just trying to make sure.


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