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August, 2014

Double VCDX and the New VCDX-NV

This morning I got some great news, that I’m now a double VCDX.  My first one was the VCDX-DCV (Data Center Virtualization) certification that I received in 2010 and now the VCDX-NV (Network Virtualization).  While word had gotten out that VMware was working on this new track for the VCDX program today was the first day that people were actually awarded the certification.

The VCDX-NV focuses on Software Defined Networking, which is obviously the NSX products from VMware.  Candidates in this first wave went through a pretty intense series of bootcamps and classes over about four months.  Thankfully, I was invited to join this program at the last minute and I’m happy that I got in.  Network virtualization is a cool technology and focus to me “the next big thing” in the data center, IMHO.  This series of training was referred to as the NSX Ninja program.  If you occasionally read my blog you may remember me discussing this program here.

After the training series the candidates for the VCDX-NV had to create and submit a design and then defend in front of a panel, just like other VCDX candidates in the past.  There have been questions asked today about who was allowed to defend and why and the answer is simple.  Given the lack of availability to NSX by most people only those in the program could really defend.  They were invited to join based on some criteria by VMware but included customers, channel partners, and ecosystem partners.  It was a really interesting cross section of people.  Some with heavy virtualization experience and current VCDXs like Chris Wahl and myself and those that focused more on the physical network side.  The idea was to mold the program, future training, and blueprint for the final VCDX-NV track.

I’ll give a special shout out to Chris McCain, Director of Technical Certification, who, in addition to also being a VCDX and tech author, was our main contact and leader for the NSX Ninja program.  I suggest you check out his session at VMworld titled NSX Certification – the Next Step in Your Networking Career (NET1214) on Monday.  It will give you more details on the VCDX-NV program, the steps that you can take to go through it yourself, and what you should do to prepare.

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