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February, 2009

Citrix Releases Full Featured XenServer for Free

Big shot by Citrix today.  They’ve announced that the full feature version of XenServer is now available for free and will be included in other products such as XenApp.  Trial version is available here.  The final will be out next month.

We have free hypervisors now so why is this a big deal?  It just really raised the bar for no/low cost entry in to virtualization for many people.  Before you basically had islands in the datacenter with the free products.  With this new announcement that is no longer the case.  How do they plan to make money on this?  Citrix has announced the new Citrix Essentials for XenServer product which adds advanced management and integration features such as lab management, automatic provisioning, and better storage integration.  Interesting times.  The arguments against virtualizing data centers are falling quickly.

1 thought on “Citrix Releases Full Featured XenServer for Free”

  1. Tried the new LABELLLIS BBC guitar player along with deleted it… the actual KService. exe has not been removed. if you get rid of, you should personally may help kservice…

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