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April, 2014

Impact of VSAN on Memory Utilization in a Home Lab

This weekend I'm working on standing up and configuring VMware NSX in my home lab.  While doing so I started to cut down the amount of RAM assigned to some VMs to free up resource . . .
April, 2014

Who Made Your SSDs and Why It Matters

Things like VSAN, Pernix Data FVP, XtremSW and ScaleIO from EMC, and ioVDI and ioTurbine from FusionIO have put a lot attention on flash in servers.  The problem that a lot of peo . . .
March, 2014

VSAN Session Slides from Varrow Madness

At Varrow Madness 2014 I did a session on VMware VSAN and several people have asked me for my slides.  Just a note here.  I didn't create this slide deck.  This was done by