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June, 2015

Nutanix and Acropolis: Should VMware Be Worried?

This week Nutanix officially announced Acropolis, their hypervisor based on KVM.  As expected there has been a lot of fanfare and hype about this release....but should VMware, the . . .
November, 2014

Announcing a New Course with PluralSight! VMware NSX: Intro and Install

It's about time!  When word got around that I was working on this course I've been asked a hundred times when it was going to be out.  Well, it's out!  This is the first of thre . . .
August, 2014

Double VCDX and the New VCDX-NV

This morning I got some great news, that I'm now a double VCDX.  My first one was the VCDX-DCV (Data Center Virtualization) certification that I received in 2010 and now the VCDX- . . .
April, 2014

Impact of VSAN on Memory Utilization in a Home Lab

This weekend I'm working on standing up and configuring VMware NSX in my home lab.  While doing so I started to cut down the amount of RAM assigned to some VMs to free up resource . . .
April, 2014

“The task was canceled by a user.” Error When Deploying OVA From Web Client

Just a quick note as I've seen other people hit this.  There are a couple of reasons that can cause an OVA deployment to fail when using the Web Client on vSphere 5.5.  Two solut . . .
April, 2014

Thoughts on VMware’s Expert-Level Certification Plan

This week I've had the privilege of sitting in a new program being introduced by VMware to create a new expert-level certification.  Before we get in to the program itself I want . . .
April, 2014

Who Made Your SSDs and Why It Matters

Things like VSAN, Pernix Data FVP, XtremSW and ScaleIO from EMC, and ioVDI and ioTurbine from FusionIO have put a lot attention on flash in servers.  The problem that a lot of peo . . .
April, 2014

vExpert 2014s Announced! Varrow Hits Double Digits!

Today the first batch of VMware vExperts for 2014 was announced!  You can see the full list here. . . .