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March, 2014

Cisco Starts to Figure Out Invicta

If you remember, a while back Cisco bought the all-flash storage company WHIPTAIL.  There has been a lot of pres . . .
March, 2014

Cardinal Innovations: Power of Flash, PernixData, and EMC

Today PernixData released a press release that . . .
November, 2013

EMC (Finally) Releases the XtremIO All-Flash Array!

It's about damn time.  For those playing along at home you may remember that in May of last year EMC bought XtremIO for $430M.  It's been a long wait.  EMC has been testing and . . .
September, 2013

Cisco Starts Showing Its SDDC Hand – Acquires WHIPTAIL

Well...well...well.  This morning when I jumped on Twitter I saw a few tweets that weren't totally unexpected.  They were concerning Cisco acquiring a storage company.  How long . . .
September, 2013

Synology Memory Test and LACP

This is just a quick note to save anyone else time that might hit this.  The Synology DS Assistant tool (the one you used to install the DSM on your new NAS) also has a memory tes . . .
August, 2013

vSphere 5.5 – A Look at Flash Read Cache

One great new feature in vSphere 5.5 is the built-in flash read caching system.  This allows you to use pretty much any SSD as a storage read cache.  This can have a great positi . . .
August, 2013

Get Your Tweet Sized vSphere Design Pocketbook at VMworld from PernixData

A while back Frank Denneman asked if I'd like to contribute and help with a book that PernixData planned to print and give out at VMworld.  Absolutely!  Love to!  And here we ar . . .
August, 2013


If you're looking for the post about EMC's next generation VNX arrays it is no longer here.  Even though I received approval to post the information from EMC,  the information wa . . .