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May, 2017

Off to Tech Field Day 14!

Just barely made my flight from Charlotte to Boston thanks to the TSA....  But I'm on my way!  This will be my second Field Day event with the first being Cloud Field Day 1.  L . . .
October, 2014

The VMAX3: Why Enterprise Class is Still Very Relevant

This year most of the attention in the storage world has focused on the new shiny all-flash arrays (AFAs).  They are fast.  They are easy to manage.  They scale reasonably well . . .
July, 2014

Introducing the EMC XtremIO Implementation Course from PluralSight!

It's about time that I got another course done!  I'm a little late on announcing this as it came out almost two weeks ago.  We're very pleased to announce the EMC XtremIO Impleme . . .
May, 2014

EMCWorld 2014: Project Liberty and the Future EMC

This week is EMCWorld 2014 and it should be interesting as we're in a time of great change within the IT infrastructure industry.  A few days ago EMC publicly disclosed a new init . . .
April, 2014

EMC Releases the New VNXe 3200!

Today EMC is releasing the newest generation of the VNXe.  This new model is the VNXe 3200.  We have had one of these units in our lab for a while and have been very pleased w . . .
April, 2014

Impact of VSAN on Memory Utilization in a Home Lab

This weekend I'm working on standing up and configuring VMware NSX in my home lab.  While doing so I started to cut down the amount of RAM assigned to some VMs to free up resource . . .
April, 2014

Who Made Your SSDs and Why It Matters

Things like VSAN, Pernix Data FVP, XtremSW and ScaleIO from EMC, and ioVDI and ioTurbine from FusionIO have put a lot attention on flash in servers.  The problem that a lot of peo . . .
March, 2014

XtremIO: The Out of the Box Experience

EDIT 1: All XtremIO bricks ship with both 8Gb FC and 10Gb iSCSI.  You do not have to specify that when ordering. EDIT2: EMC has asked me to re . . .
March, 2014

VSAN Session Slides from Varrow Madness

At Varrow Madness 2014 I did a session on VMware VSAN and several people have asked me for my slides.  Just a note here.  I didn't create this slide deck.  This was done by