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January, 2010

The Great Attack and Cloud Computing

The recent hack attempts and successes against many companies, including Google, have been the talk in many IT circles and commercial organizations lately. I . . .
July, 2009

And That Wraps It (Cisco Live! ’09) Up!

So, it's over.  I'm enjoying my last night in San Fran.  Went up to Fisherman's Wharf (tourist hell, as I call it) and had some crab.....  Now I'm sitting at a Starbucks with a . . .
July, 2009

Cisco Live, the Second Day

Today started early with the first session at 7:30am.  That's one case where a bit of jet lag helps out, it didn't help out when I got back to the hotel at close to midnight.  Th . . .
August, 2008

Two Apple Sessions at Black Hat Canceled

Charles Edge, researcher and Director of Technology at 318, Inc., was scheduled to give . . .