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April, 2014

Who Made Your SSDs and Why It Matters

Things like VSAN, Pernix Data FVP, XtremSW and ScaleIO from EMC, and ioVDI and ioTurbine from FusionIO have put a lot attention on flash in servers.  The problem that a lot of peo . . .
March, 2014

Cardinal Innovations: Power of Flash, PernixData, and EMC

Today PernixData released a press release that . . .
August, 2013

Get Your Tweet Sized vSphere Design Pocketbook at VMworld from PernixData

A while back Frank Denneman asked if I'd like to contribute and help with a book that PernixData planned to print and give out at VMworld.  Absolutely!  Love to!  And here we ar . . .
June, 2013

A Look at PernixData’s Flash Virtualization Platform

The server-side flash cache space has really started to heat up.  Once primarily the domain of Fusion I/O we're now seeing other contenders...such as PernixData.