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April, 2009

Cisco’s Data Center Ethernet – A Primer

Ethernet has been around a long time and served us very well.  It has stood the test of time better than any other option.  But, the industry as a whole is at a crossroads where . . .
April, 2009

Why the Hype Around Consolidated I/O?

It's about time that consolidated I/O started getting mainstream attention.  Should you be interested?  Well, that depends (Hey, that's my favorite answer to a question!).  Let' . . .
March, 2009

Fault Tolerant Networking and the EMC Celerra

A common topic that comes up when implementing a new Celerra for a customer is how to configure networking.  What's the point of five nines of uptime if your networking isn't reli . . .
September, 2008

My thoughts on managing the converged fabric

Flying back to Charlotte tonight.  I'm somewhere over the east coast.  I wonder if the GPS on my iPhone would work up here.....  I better not risk taking the plane down.  Chuck . . .