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June, 2016

VMworld 2014 Voting: Varrow Sessions

Well, it’s that time of year again. Voting for the VMworld 2014 sessions is now open. Unfortunately VMware still doesn’t tell us what impact the voting has on the final session . . .
June, 2016

Gene Kim Keynoting Sirius Madness 2016!

That’s right! Madness is still on! The Madness continues and will be called Sirius Madness and is happening on March 17th, 2016 at the Westin in Charlotte, NC. . . .
August, 2012

VMware Releases Fusion 5! Retina! Network Editor! YAY!

NOTE:  This post was updated on 8/25/12.  I changed the section talking about enabling/disabling Retina mode for VMs and having to restart my vSphere hosts for i . . .
July, 2009

Protecting Your VMware Fusion VMs with Time Machine

After helping someone recover data from a corrupt virtual machine last night I thought this would be informative to many people.  A lot of us Mac users still have to run WIndows f . . .
August, 2008

Disabling MAC Address Checking in VMWare

Some software still ties license keys to MAC addresses.  VMWare, by default, only allows a virtual machine to use a MAC address in their assigned range.  So what do you do when y . . .