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August, 2013

Submit Questions for VSVC4570 – Ask the Expert VCDXs!

To be honest I'm a bit nervous about this session.  I like it because it requires very little prep work from me....but it's also a bit daunting since it'll all be live and unscrip . . .
August, 2013

Repeat Session Added for VDS Technical Deep Dive!

It looks like my session (VSVC4966) on Tuesday was getting close to full so they added a second session on Wednesday at 9:30.  This session is a bit of a re-hash of last year's hi . . .
June, 2013

Presenting at VMworld 2013!

It looks like I'll be presenting again this year at VMworld in San Francisco.  It's an honor and I don't mean that lightly.  Many, many people submit to speak at VMworld and the . . .
June, 2013

This Week! 2013 Carolina VMware Users Summit!

I feel bad that I haven't written about this sooner...but if you look, I haven't written about much else either.  This week....Thursday to be the 2013 Carolina VMware U . . .
April, 2013

VMworld 2013 Public Voting!

Joe Kelly said it's cliche to say "It's that time again . . .
February, 2013

Varrow Madness 2013 – Things to Watch For!

REGISTER HERE!  And put my name as your referral.  We have an internal contest and I'm determined to beat t . . .