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December, 2009

This is why you want an SSD in your computer.

I use my Mid-2009 MacBook Pro all the time. As a consultant it goes everywhere with me and I run a lot of different applications all at the same time. I'm happy with the 2.53GHz . . .
November, 2009

Google Dropping Price on Cloud Storage

So today Google announced new
October, 2009

OSX Snow Leopard and WWAN Adapters

I'm sure there are a lot of consultanty-type people out there like me that use Macs and WWAN adapters. One little reported feature of Snow Leopard is that it now directly supports . . .
October, 2009

SANCalc for iPhone

My worlds collide!  Great little tool for those EMC (and soon other arrays) people out there.  SANCalc is an iPhone/iPod Touch tool that lets you size up RAID Groups, LUNs, etc r . . .
September, 2009

Review of the AT&T 3G MicroCell

As reported here and
August, 2009

Snow Leopard Brings Wake on Demand to Everyone

Snow Leopard is just the gift that keeps on giving!  For only $29 (or $49 for a Family Pack) it's a great deal.  I applaud Apple for releasing an update with the primary focus be . . .
July, 2009

Protecting Your VMware Fusion VMs with Time Machine

After helping someone recover data from a corrupt virtual machine last night I thought this would be informative to many people.  A lot of us Mac users still have to run WIndows f . . .
February, 2009

No time to read web pages all day? Podcasts!

Taking a different view on things tonight....  I just got back from the gym and as usual, used my iPhone while doing cardio for music and podcasts.  There are some really interes . . .
January, 2009

New Keynote Remote App for iPhone

If you use a Mac, and you should, for presentations you should check out the new Keynote Remote app for the iPhone.  It's a very slick tool for controlling presentations and lets . . .