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June, 2016

Nutanix and Acropolis: Should VMware Be Worried?

This week Nutanix officially announced Acropolis, their hypervisor based on KVM. As expected there has been a lot of fanfare and hype about this release. . . .
June, 2016

Gene Kim Keynoting Sirius Madness 2016!

That’s right! Madness is still on! The Madness continues and will be called Sirius Madness and is happening on March 17th, 2016 at the Westin in Charlotte, NC. . . .
March, 2012

esxtop and OSX’s Terminal Application

Being a Mac user I'm always using OSX's Terminal application.  It works well and I haven't found a need for a 3rd party Terminal app, except maybe when working with a USB to Seria . . .
January, 2012

2012 Resolutions: Encrypting My Data Using OSX File Vault 2

One of my goals for this year was to start encrypting more of my data.  This has become a higher priority now that I've switched to a MacBook Air from my 15" MacBook Pro.  I'm ho . . .
July, 2011

Read This If You Have an EMC Celerra or VNX and OSX Lion Clients!

We're still getting reports of people having this problem so we are trying to get the word out everywhere that we can.  If you have an EMC Celerra or VNX and there is any chance a . . .
March, 2011

It’s About Time. Enabling TRIM Support on OSX for Your SSD – UNSUPPORTED!

Two disclaimers: Disclaimer 1 - This is NOT supported by Apple or your SSD manufacturer.  It is a hack to enable TRIM support in OSX that was not intended to be . . .
June, 2010

A Consultants Thoughts After a Month of Using the iPad

Sorry for the super long post.  This ended up being a lot longer than i expected Given that I'm an Apple geek who loves gadgets and new technology it goes without saying that I p . . .
March, 2010

Tacticool Review: The Magpul iPhone Case

UPDATE 3/28/11 - For those still hitting this 3GS review...  I've been using the new iPhone 4 case for a couple weeks and need to get the review finished but I di . . .
January, 2010

Apple gets it. Why doesn’t everyone else?

Well, it was formally announced.  The Apple tablet...the here.  Like every other major announcement the reviews range from the Apple fanatics that love it no matter wha . . .