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January, 2017

Initial Thoughts on Cisco Acquiring AppDynamics

So the news just hit that Cisco is acquiring AppD for a cool $3.7B.  Not bad for the AppD folks when the last evaluation I saw put them in the $1.9B or so range.  So is this good . . .
September, 2016

Headed to Cloud Field Day 1!

Just a quick note that I am currently on a plane headed out to the valley to be a delegate for Cloud Field Day 1. If you aren't familiar with the Field Day events they bring peo . . .
September, 2014

Demo of EMC’s Hybrid Cloud Solution

At VMworld in August EMC showcased their hybrid cloud solution based on EMC and VMware products and technologies.  The highlight of this was the fact that it was built in a very s . . .
June, 2014

Are You Ready for Automation?

Software-Defined This...and Software-Defined That.  It's everywhere.  Well...the phrases are.  Actual products and technologies are still showing up to the party.  But they mea . . .
May, 2014

EMCWorld 2014: Project Liberty and the Future EMC

This week is EMCWorld 2014 and it should be interesting as we're in a time of great change within the IT infrastructure industry.  A few days ago EMC publicly disclosed a new init . . .
April, 2014

Impact of VSAN on Memory Utilization in a Home Lab

This weekend I'm working on standing up and configuring VMware NSX in my home lab.  While doing so I started to cut down the amount of RAM assigned to some VMs to free up resource . . .
April, 2014

Thoughts on VMware’s Expert-Level Certification Plan

This week I've had the privilege of sitting in a new program being introduced by VMware to create a new expert-level certification.  Before we get in to the program itself I want . . .
March, 2014

VSAN Session Slides from Varrow Madness

At Varrow Madness 2014 I did a session on VMware VSAN and several people have asked me for my slides.  Just a note here.  I didn't create this slide deck.  This was done by