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May, 2012

Announcing the vSphere Advanced Networking Training from TrainSignal

Another one down!  Very proud to announce the release of my next training offering by TrainSignal.  This is a course focused on the more advanced features and functions of vSphere networking.  My goal was to go beyond the standard training offerings that focus primarily on the standard vSwitch and gloss over discussions on the varying options and design considerations for physical connectivity.  It’s a topic that I get questioned on constantly by customers and users.

Some lessons and topic covered in the training:

  • Review and primer on vSphere networking
  • In-depth discussion on vLANs, use cases, tagging (and who does it), gotchas, and Private VLANs
  • Security considerations with vSphere networking
  • Physical connectivity including best practices, topology recommendations, 10Gb, physical switch configuration, and load balancing and teaming.
  • Deep dive on the distributed switch
  • How to migrate a production environment to the vDS with no or minimal disruption
  • How to use traffic shaping and network resource pools
  • Troubleshooting network connectivity and performance
Here is a link with more detail.
The targeted student for this training is a vSphere admin that wants to utilize these more advanced features or wants to learn more about them for their own benefit or as preparation for the VMware certification exams.

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