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November, 2014

Announcing a New Course with PluralSight! VMware NSX: Intro and Install

It’s about time!  When word got around that I was working on this course I’ve been asked a hundred times when it was going to be out.  Well, it’s out!  This is the first of three planned courses for VMware NSX that I am working on with PluralSight.  This first course goes through the features, functions, components, and common use cases for VMware NSX and walks you through the component installation.  The next course, currently under development, will go through the detailed configuration of NSX and how to use all of the features such as logical switching, distributed firewall, distributed routing, and edge services.

Full course description:  VMware NSX is a new Software-Defined Networking (SDN) platform from VMware. In this course, we look at the benefits that NSX provides as well as common use cases. The course goes through the different components that are installed for NSX and the considerations for implementation that you should be aware of before starting. Finally, the actual process for installing the base VMware NSX components is shown with an in-depth lab.

You can find the course here.

2 thoughts on “Announcing a New Course with PluralSight! VMware NSX: Intro and Install”

  1. Dear Mr.Nash,
    I’m chinese and my english is poor. I got the course from the internet, it’s excellent,but i can’t follow what you said,do you have subtitles of the coure,if you have one, could you give me a copy. Thanks very much.
    Here is my mail:[email protected],thanks again.

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