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This is a personal blog that primarily covers emerging data center technologies maintained by Jason Nash. The purpose of this blog is to provide a non-vendor opinion about industry trends, players, and technologies. Everything presented here is an opinion and should be treated as such.


This site is in no way endorsed or supported by my employer. Why does this matter? Because there are times that my opinions and views may not align with those of my employer’s partners. If anyone has a problem with the content contained on this site please contact me directly.

My email address is jason dot nash at gmail dot com.

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Speaker Bio

Jason Nash has over 19 years of industry experience and is currently a Solution Principal at AHEAD, a leader in cloud services.  Before AHEAD, Jason was the CTO for Varrow, a leading partner specializing in cloud, mobility, and security. He has published several books on networking, Windows, and Linux and authored several video courses on subjects such as vSphere Security, Advanced vSphere Networking, Cisco UCS, vCenter Operations Manager, and VMware NSX. Jason is a vExpert, EMC Elect, and Cisco DC Champion. He holds a BS in Networking Technology and a MS in Information Security. He regularly speaks at user group meetings and conferences and his list of industry certifications includes: VCP, CISSP, CCNP, as well as VCDX #49.

Publications and Training

Currently I work with PluralSight to create training courses on various topics including VMware NSX, Cisco UCS, VMware vSphere, Cisco datacenter networking, vCenter Operations Manager, and more. Click here for a full current list.

When I was younger and not as smart I wrote several books on Microsoft, networking, and Linux topics. “Not as smart” isn’t a reference to the content or topics, but a reference to the amount of work required for writing large books. These works included Networking Essentials, TCP/IP, Windows Server, and Linux LPIC guides.