About Jason Nash

CTO and Chief Evangelist at Varrow

Passion and Technology

As the CTO of Varrow I have the best job in the industry.  Varrow is made up of some amazingly talented individuals and I get to help them by guiding our portfolio of partners, products, and technologies.  This includes strategic vision, enabling our technical, sales, and marketing staff on how to articulate and deliver that vision, and generally try to align our products and services across the various practices within Varrow.

Along with that I am also the Chief Evangelist for Varrow.  This means that I’m often speaking at various conferences and user groups as well as promoting new and innovative technologies and offerings with customers.

Disclaimer:  While this site is heavily tied to Varrow branding and messaging it is still my personal site.  Why does this matter?  Because there are times that my opinions and views may not align with those of Varrow partners.  If anyone has a problem with the content contained on this site please contact me directly.

My email address is jason dot nash at gmail dot com.

Social Media

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Speaker Bio

Jason Nash has over 16 years of industry experience and is currently the CTO at Varrow, a leader in cloud, mobility, and security.  Before Varrow, Jason was a Platform Architect at a large investment bank where he helped to develop the organization’s IT strategy. He has published several books on networking, Windows, and Linux and authored several video courses on subjects such as vSphere Security, Advanced vSphere Networking, Cisco UCS, vCenter Operations Manager, and Cisco Nexus 1000v.  Jason is a vExpert, EMC Elect, and Cisco DC Champion.  He holds a BS in Networking Technology and a MS in Information Security. He regularly speaks at user group meetings and conferences and his list of industry certifications includes: VCP, CISSP, CCNP, as well as VCDX #49.

Publications and Training

Currently I work with PluralSight to create training courses on various topics including Cisco UCS, VMware vSphere, Cisco datacenter networking, vCenter Operations Manager, and more.  Click here for a full current list.

When I was younger and not as smart I wrote several books on Microsoft, networking, and Linux topics.  ”Not as smart” isn’t a reference to the content or topics, but a reference to the amount of work required for writing large books.  These works included Networking Essentials, TCP/IP, Windows Server, and Linux LPIC guides.

Upcoming Events

Posts about upcoming events where I will be presenting or just attending.