vCloud Director….Now What?

One thing that was missing from VMworld…to many of us it was blatantly missing….was discussion of vCloud Director.  Sure, VMware announced v5.5 but it’s a very minor revision and there was no talk of a long term direction for the product.  Many of us already knew why VMware wasn’t saying much or hosting many sessions about vCloud…its days are numbered.

Right after VMworld ended word started to come out in articles such as this one here.  The end goal is to split vCloud in to vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) and the base vSphere/vCenter stack.  I’m a little disappointed that VMware wasn’t more direct on this during the keynotes at the conference but they were too focused on the new and the shiny.  Plus, I’m not entirely convinced they really have clear plans either.  It’s going to take significant changes to both vCAC and vSphere to handle the functions of vCloud today.  But the real question is, what do we do right now?

What if you’ve already deployed vCloud or are in process?  I’m having discussions with many customers about the future of their automation and provisioning and the lack of clear direction from VMware is very concerning.  Most are looking to evaluate vCAC at this point along with other competitors.  I expect we’ll see vCloud Director adoption come to a very fast halt.  But that doesn’t help those that already have it out there.  VMware has been extremely tight lipped about future migration options.  Many of us remember…and some are still living…the move from Lab Manager to vCloud Director.  It’s very manual and often costly if a professional service engagement is involved.  We are not interested in repeating that.

So what do you do?  VMware needs to provide some direction and clarity.


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