Varrow’s Sessions at VMworld 2012

My apologies as I wanted to get this post up about two weeks ago but never did it.  We (Varrow) are hugely honored to be presenting at three different sessions at VMworld 2012 in San Francisco.  For a regional partner like us this is a big, big deal.  I have had several people ask about our sessions so here they are:

INF-NET2207 – vSphere Distributed Switch – Technical Deep Dive – Jason Nash – Monday at 4pm

While the vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS) has been around since vSphere 4, vSphere 4.1 and 5.0 have added a number of enhancements. This session will provide a technical deep dive in to the vSphere Distributed Switch. This includes design and deployment considerations, configuration, migration steps, tuning, and troubleshooting. Special attention will be paid to migrating an existing production environment from the standard vSwitch to the vDS with no or very minimal disruption. Extended features such as Network I/O Control (NIOC), Network Resource Pools, and Load-Based Teaming (LBT) will be discussed in depth with use cases and recommendations given. Finally, methods and tools for troubleshooting network connectivity and performance problems will also be highlighted. The inclusion of accessing a live lab environment will make for a very interactive session.

INF-BCO1883 – Deploying an Active/Active Datacenter with SRM 5 – Joe Kelly – Wednesday at 8:30am

In this session we will discuss the challenges that face a single physical datacenter as well as how these challenges can be resolved with SRM 5. We will explain the design that we deployed at American National Bank which did not include more expensive technologies that would have been needed to run a stretched cluster environment. American National Bank, with the assistance of their partner Varrow, has implemented their own private cloud that is not linked to any physical site. This solution saved American National Bank from long late night maintenance windows to correct facility issues, spread the load between to geographic regions, and created a DR plan that can be fully tested daily.

INF-STO2239 – Deciphering the Mystical World of Storage Performance – Brian Boyd – Monday at 3:30pm

An introduction to SAN and NAS attached volume types within VMware. The purpose of this presentation is to help VMware and Storage administrators that are new to the virtualization scene to appreciate the implications of RAID types, drive performance, throughput and bandwidth in an easy to understand and fun way. This session will break down the differences between Network (iSCSI, NFS), and Fiber Channel storage but not be vendor specific. In addition the usage of certain drive types, what they are good for and what they are not good for will be discussed. Example production environments will be shown to include VM and Storage as a Service, archival, and application delivery.

We also now have a video up with us talking about our sessions.  You can see that here:


  1. Jason,
    Does the Varrow team do any coverage or training on Infiniband setups?

    • No. Honestly, I’m probably the only person at Varrow that has done IB configurations with vSphere and that was back in the 3.x days at a previous company. We are never asked for that integration by our customers. I like IB a lot..just not being requested.

      • With a basic 40Gb IB setup (2 HBAs + SM enabled 8-port switch + cables) hovering around $3K I’m surprised it’s not more prevalent in home/SMB setups vs. 10GbE.

        The cheapest I could price out a “home lab” 10Gb ethernet setup was around $10K.

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