EMC World 2012 – Day 1

Good Job with Twitter Names on the Badges

Back in Vegas!  And back at another conference at the Venetian.  It’s beginning to be like Groundhog Day for me but I’m pretty excited to be at EMC World.  It’s the first one that I’ve ever attended and so far it’s been great.  I flew in to Vegas yesterday…got in a bit late.  Due to the circumstances of me coming to the conference I booked later than usual and both the Venetian and Palazzo were completely full..bummer.  My wife is flying out tomorrow (Tuesday) so I decided to stay a little further away at The Cosmopolitan since I’ve heard good things.  So far it’s been great.  Service is excellent, they even upgraded my room for free.  I can’t say that the view sucks at all….

Thank You Front Desk Guy for Winning Me Big Points w/ My Wife!

After checking in and getting situated we (Me plus Dan and Jeremiah – Varrow Founders) and a good friend/customer had a really good meal at Tao (as usual), and then I crashed at 3am east coast time.  I’m fully in the belief that you make yourself stay up that first night…unfortunately after today I’m BEAT.  But we’ll see….  Dan is already talking about going out and playing craps tonight.

An Awful Pic of Joe Tucci During the Keynote

Throughout the day I want to several sessions on VFCache, FAST Cache, and vSphere Storage Performance.  Doing what I do, it was a good bit of review scattered with some interesting things to think about.  I won’t go in to too much detail on the sessions here but the bottom line is that it’s all about flash and it’s all about putting that flash in the places where it is the most effective and cost efficient.  We’ve been deploying FAST Cache enabled arrays since it shipped and have been nothing but happy.  VFCache is the new kid, and to be honest, it’s not being adopted very quickly yet.  I suspect with the new features in VFCache 1.5 like automated vMotion we’ll see more interest.  Being the UCS person that I am I also need to see it in some new M3 blades too….

Terrible Pic of Pat Gelsinger in the Captain’s Chair (I need to stop trying)

The big keynote with Joe Tucci and Pat Gelsinger was good.  It started out pretty rough as the method used to get people actually in the room and to their seats was just awful.  The idea was to herd 15K people in one big line to the center aisle of all seats and then fan out just wasn’t scalable.  Finally they relented and it was a big rush to get seats…but thankfully using my ninja Twitter skills I had won priority/VIP seating right up front so I had a great second row seat.  The theme was space and Megalaunch II.

During the keynote Joe talked about the evolution of IT and the future.  Nothing too shocking, but always good to hear from him and what he sees as the future for IT in general and EMC.  Pat was more specific and kicked off the big launch of 42 new products.  Some are really new and some are evolutions of existing products.  Many things you’ll be hearing more about this week.  A lot of it is really good stuff..not just hype but things we’ve been waiting on for a while.

A Mediocre Picture (the picture, not Amy) of Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja)

Later in the afternoon I sat down with Amy Lewis (@CommsNinja), Brian Gracely (@bgracely), and Ronald Valente (@ronaldvalente) to do a Cisco Data Center Blogger Tech Minute that should go up tonight or tomorrow.  We talked about the show and trends while dodging expo floor construction and distractions…

Distractions and Construction

Other parts of the day were spent hanging around the blogger lounge.  I like this new trend of having a blogger lounge…I won’t lie.  Usually they are comfortable, quiet, have coffee, and power.  It’s a nice place to sit between commitments and either relax or get some things done.

Blogger Lounge

So with that we end the first day of EMC World 2012.  It’s crazy..it’s fun.  It’s getting bigger every year (so they tell me…first one for me).  Back for more tomorrow!

Oh yeah!  This evening the vSpecialists released their latest song/video..Cloud Freaky 2012!  Check it out!  Awesome!

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