Cisco Partner Summit 2012 – Day 0

Not much to say here yet, though technically it’s probably Day 1 but since I’m on a plane flying out it’s Day 0 for me.  Last year was my first Cisco Partner Summit and I talked about it here.  This year the event is in San Diego, which I love but I also loved New Orleans last year…well, all except the slight bit of food poisoning or whatever I got that didn’t last long.

Last year the conference, for me, was about Cisco’s move in to the cloud and their still fairly new Cisco UCS server offering.  This year I’m curious to see how they mature those ideas, programs, offerings, and messaging.  We, Varrow, are not a traditional Cisco partner.  That’s not a bad thing.  It’s what makes us awesome.  We are the data center.  That’s what we do and if you’ve read some of my other posts about Cisco Live and Partner Summit you can see that we are an outlier in many cases but times are changing.  Cisco is changing.  That change is heading straight in our direction so I’m very anxious to hear what the people at Cisco have to say.  My big day will be on Wednesday when the major data center and virtualization sessions happen.  I missed one that I’d like to have seen this evening on Cisco, EMC, and the VSPEX announcement but our CEO, Dan Weiss, is there and I’m looking forward to debriefing him on what was said.

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