The Blog is Back!and I Made a Change!
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March, 2017

The Handcuffs Are Off and the Game is On!

Hard to believe but it's been just a bit over a year since I joined the fine people at AHEAD.  Over the last year I've had to heavily rest . . .
January, 2017

Initial Thoughts on Cisco Acquiring AppDynamics

So the news just hit that Cisco is acquiring AppD for a cool $3.7B.  Not bad for the AppD folks when the last evaluation I saw put them in the $1.9B or so range.  So is this good . . .
September, 2016

Thoughts on Cloud Field Day 1

About two weeks ago I went out to the west coast for the first Cloud Field Day.  Now that I'm back I thought I'd do . . .
September, 2016

Headed to Cloud Field Day 1!

Just a quick note that I am currently on a plane headed out to the valley to be a delegate for Cloud Field Day 1. If you aren't familiar with the Field Day events they bring peo . . .
September, 2016

Monitor SSD Cache Unmounting on Synology

Just a quick FYI. It can take longer than you'd think to unmount SSD cache on a Synology volume and while that is going on your volumes will be offline. If you're . . .
August, 2016

AHEAD Colleagues at VMworld!

Yeah, this is a little last minute but I wanted to get it out there anyway. This year I decided not to attend VMworld. I'm busy getting settled in to my position at AHEAD and ju . . .
August, 2016

Cisco Loves HCI Choice, Except When They Don’t

Correction: I mistakenly said that only AHV was supported on UCS.  That is incorrect.  Nutanix supports vSphere, Hyper-V, and AHV on Cisco C-Series. . . .
August, 2016

The Blog is Back! And I Made a Change…

It's been a while but I finally got the blog redesigned and back up.  This has been planned for a while but it's something that just never bubbled up on the priority list, unti . . .
June, 2016

The VMAX3: Why Enterprise Class is Still Very Relevant

This year most of the attention in the storage world has focused on the new shiny all-flash arrays (AFAs). They are fast. They are easy to manage. They scale reasonably well (depen . . .